Grupo Planeta


The leading education centre in vocational and technical distance learning

CEAC, with more than 70 years experience in distance learning, is a leading institution within the Grupo Planeta offering flexibility, which adapts to your pace, that includes the official curriculum with the best resources available and orientation towards future employment. 

It has more than 35 programmes of Intermediate and Advanced level cycles, Technical Training and Access courses to regulated studies such as ESO, High School diploma or University Entrance Exams for over-25s. 

Its educational fields include Business, Education, Computer Technology, Health Sciences, Maintenance of Equipment and Installations, Applied Art, Hospitality and Tourism as well as Beauty and Personal Image.

The education methodology uses the most advanced technology and the training is complemented with work experience in more than 3,000 leading companies in each sector located throughout Spain. 

Over 3,000,000 students justify a personalised and flexible learning experience directed towards the job market and where 250 expert teaching staff support the student every day.