Grupo Planeta

Deusto Salud

Courses in health care specialisation

Deusto Salud is the Planeta Formación y Universidades continual training centre that offers distance training programmes in the health and natural therapies sector. It enjoys the collaboration of the Valencian International University for several of the training courses it offers.

The Deusto Salud training project was born in the year 2009, with the aim of providing skills to health care professionals so that they can adapt to competitive and demanding labour market requirements and expand their professional career options.

The Deusto Salud learning model is based on three key pillars: teachers who continue exercising in the sector and are experts in the subject that they teach, multimedia resources designed to make the learning process simultaneously enjoyable and motivational, and an online camps as a central learning platform.

Over 7,000 students have improved their skills with Deusto Salud and its teaching team of over 200 experts.

The selection of courses offered by Deusto Salud covers the most current and relevant subjects in the sphere of health care and natural therapies. These are practical and flexible programmes, compatible with students’ working and personal life, and geared towards immediate professional application.